Making complex systems of information clear and intuitive.


Content Strategy

  • Qualitative Audit
  • Copy Writing and Editing
  • Competitive Audit
  • SEO Audit and Optimization
  • Content Inventory and Analysis
  • Social Media Planning


  • Competitive Research
  • Ethnography
  • Market Research
  • Survey Development
  • In-Person Usability Testing
  • Remote Usability Testing


  • Project Planning and Management
  • UX Design
  • Experience and Service Design



About Aaren Eve

Content leads design.

Aaren Eve understands the value of storytelling. We all love a great story. Stories engage us - we remember the ideas and experiences connected to them. A boutique company, we consult with start-ups, nonprofits and individuals. Our purpose is aim to delight and transform information systems into awareness experiences.

About Karen Spicer

Principal Digital Marketing Manager

Karen enjoys developing dynamic brands to generate delightful customer experiences. She began her career as a client coordinator for silicon valley technology companies and start-ups, before moving into the innovation space herself as a user experience designer. Following her role as a digital marketing strategist and project manager at Stanford Unviversity she recognized her passion for integrated marketing communications and has since began consulting with startups and individuals seeking to strengthen their brand messaging and outreach strategies.

Working on Breathwear (an iphone application and wearable device that tracks breathing to improve overall health) at Stanford University's Calming Technology Lab.

Whiteboard brainstorming session with Charlton. This product is now on the market, and it is called Spire.

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